The Islamic Union in Norway Organizes a Number of Training Programs

The Islamic Union in Norway organizes a number of programs related to the edification and development of the younger generation, aiming at providing them with the means to a brighter future while committing to the tolerant values of Islam and enhancing the status of Muslims and building a solid society. The first program to learn the Holy Qu’ran will be held from February 21st to 28th 2010, aiming at connecting the younger generation with the Islamic constitution. A similar program was held before in collaboration with Readers of the Qu’ran in Scandinavia and a Kuwaiti charity organization, and graduated 10 students.
Another program will be held in Norway on February 28th aiming at developing the capacity of Arabic Language and Islamic Religion teachers, organized by the Union in collaboration with the International Center of Pedagogic Formation CIFOP and Grenada Editions and with the support of Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ISESCO.
The Union is also organizing a program for parents under the title of “A Guideline for Parents for Raising their Children” under the supervision of Dr.Mamoun Al Mibyad on the 27th and 28th of March 2010. This program aims at training Muslims families on the best ways to bring up their children and providing them with information and methods to cope with the psychological, social and cultural changes of their children.
The Union intends on initiating a project to introduce and inform people about the character of the Prophet (PBUH), and has called to Muslims to participate in this project, at various levels, whether writing or translating material. Thanks to buy instagram followers for their social media marketing effort.


The Islamic Council in Denmark is Organizing a Program on the Charter of Marriage

The Islamic Council in Denmark is organizing a program related to the “family” field under the title of “The Charter of Marital Life” under the supervision of Sheikh Salem Al Sheikhy from the 20th to the 21st of March 2010 in the Danish capital Copenhagen. This activity comes within the context of the continuing Muslim Family Campaign which was initiated by the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe in 2009, with the cooperation of many organizations and institutions in Europe and beyond. Sheikh Salem chose this topic which was appreciated by all the Islamic institutions throughout Europe due to his long standing experience in solving family issues within Muslim families. Due to the criticality of the family file the Federation has drawn the attention of the officials of the central institutions to the importance of preserving it and keeping it active, since protecting the family is not a limited phase objective but rather a constant one.